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Tea sealing film sealing film machine Information[2015-08-19]

Volume delicate tea sealing film machine, is one of the tea shop equipment, beverage shop commonly used. Tea sealing film machine can be divided into manual, all active. Tea sealing membrane sealing membrane using confidential deploy together for cups, plastic cups, plastic bowls, cups, bowls of seal. Packaging Co., Ltd., Dongguan City filled remind all customers customized sealing film: Please know in advance your sealer is fully automated, or manual machine, or green bean special sealing machine, induction he is not the same size, the general Now the machines are fully automated, it requires sensing point must be black induction point, the manual does not matter, whether the sensing point or other colors are possible, and some large factories, would choose the second row and third row , four-row, six-row, eight rows of fully automated assembly line sealing film, so customers in advance to send us drawings of your machine to send samples of finished or sent to my company, because sensitivity is not the same for each machine , it is necessary to press the sealing film machine drawing machine manufacturers, according to his requirements. Another wine sealing membrane, please inform each customer, this use special materials to make another now have another large food factories, will use pasteurized, 85-degree water, cook for 25-30 minutes on the inside, please each customer in custom-made sealing membrane tell our respective business, we are good to customers the best quality products and services, our investment in large-scale factory in Shantou, specializing in the production of green bean sealing film, domestic brands are my company designated representative plus, welcomed the new and old customers to visit our plant guide our work.
Tea sealing membrane sealing membrane machine Features
1, leading technology, innovative style, reasonable layout, sensitive operation, easy portability, with effort, time, energy saving and other advantages. The best equipment suitable for small food plants, beverage plants and food and beverage outlets utilization.
2, wonderful roll film planning, makes the sealing cup picture positioning accuracy, the user is very simple to operate.
3, with a locating pin planning, effectively prevent cutter damage due to a mistake and greatly extend its service life.
4 common double cup arrangement that allows users to ease deployment. Pearl milk tea sealing film machine is a food beverage cup for sealing packaging machinery.

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