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History of paper cups[2015-08-19]

The exact origin is unknown cups seem so easy to disposable drink holder inventor may never be known, although there is evidence that they had in the Chinese Empire. People do know is that in the early 1900s, when people began to realize popular cups, share the same tin or packet, from drinking water barrels, also means sharing germs.
In 1907, the Boston lawyer named Lawrence Luellen, developed the "Health Kup" (later known as paper cups in 1919). Lawrence do to help improve public health and sanitation concerns shared cup.
But Lawrence did not perform this huge task. He has worked in American Water's founder Hugh Qian Seoul developed water-vending machines and disposable cups and Hugh Lawrence launched a advertising campaign to educate the public and market machines.
Rapidly gaining popularity in the 1918 Great American flu cups, to avoid infection.
Since centuries, paper cups has grown from a simple everyday objects to facilitate health solutions. Every day, thousands of paper cups, so people can use their drinks while they, in today's busy world it is necessary. Another paper cups used at large events, such as festivals and concerts, because they can be recycled at the end of the day rather than 1000 cups must wash.
Type of paper cups
There are two main types of glass, heat, cold, they use quite self-explanatory.
Cold cup usually within a layer of wax coating to prevent the paper becomes wet and crash the absorption liquid. Cold cups are also several sizes and designs. Great small dixie cups 20 / 24oz Cup for carbonated beverages in cinema. Design can be customized from the stock, if you are different and we order you get a free graphic designs included in the price. These different options, and it can be used for children's birthday party, cafe signs and everyday use. Variety is endless.
Like hot cup of cold, including a variety of design and size, the main difference is that they can not afford special cups hot and cold. Recent developments in thermal cup hot cup sleeve. This is a finger on the glass to help prevent burning beverage.
History cups
New York 1910-- individual cups founded by Hugh Moore.
1919 Health Kup renamed cups.
1930 - Oh manufacturing companies, known GeeManCo began producing paper cups.
1936 -. J Leo Hulseman paper container manufacturing company established in Chicago (later to become solo)
1940-- paper container manufacturing company began manufacturing paper cone cup called solo cup, the company changed its name.
1950 - personal introduction piece wax-lined cups for cold drinks.
1955 - GeeManCo been static over and a · Robinson (Holdings) Co., Ltd.
1957-- Robinson founded a new company Lily cups and cutlery (UK) Ltd. Lily cup into the license agreement with the US company Lily-Tulip Cup
1972 - Lily cups and cutlery (UK) Ltd. name changed to DRG Cup Limited (DRG Dickon Robinson Group)
At the end of 1970 Finland Polarcup (Huhtamaki) established a wholesale business in the UK as a key dining disposable supplies warehouses and distributors.
1980-- bender into the cup production (bending machine is a major producer of paper tableware)
1983--. Dickon Robinson Group (Bristol decided to shut down all production DRG Cup Liverpool, the cost is too high to maintain the competitive position paper cup machine (PMC) for sale to Polarcup Finland
1983-- protection of ordinary food account, and the British production, Polarcup successfully established a factory in Devizes, Wiltshire, using PMC's some machines purchased from DRG. The agreement with Keycatering end.
1981-- Britain began producing silk cups
1984 - DRG machine purchase Polarcup a Finnish company (Huhtamaki) British production based on success in Devizes, Wiltshire, England
1992 - Polarcup Sweetheart buy Europe, merging the two operations into a couple of calls hose factory Hampshire
1995-- cross sales of paper products Duni cups, to stop production
2001-- purchase Insulpak manufactured separately and setting British solo cups in Huntington Insulpak website
2004-- separate purchase Sweetheart (United States)
In the UK 2006-- waxed paper cup stopped, replaced by a PE coating Cup
2008 - Polarcup Huhtamaki change name
In Springfield 2011-- solo to close the plant
2012 - Solo darts container

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