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"The problem cups" Is there really a problem?[2015-08-19]

Disposable cups in our daily lives often used household items. Have guests visit, home to the relatives and we will be very kind to come out of disposable cups VIP reception, decent and living. But behind there is a serious health security.
????There is a name in the paper cup line, called the paper and plastic cups. In addition to the paper because of its material, and a layer of PE film, which is commonly referred to as polyethylene. Although since June 2012 cup of "new national standard" formally implemented, but because of the special nature of the material, there are still many users believe that the "common cup water can cause cancer," the rumors.
????In the end how the safety of disposable cups?
????"I now have very little paper cups to drink water, partly for environmental reasons, on the other hand is concerned about security." Citizen Ho is the provincial capital of a foreign company's sales staff, often out of business contacts, for he cups It is not new. "Sometimes, when you just pour boiling water, can significantly smelt like plastic taste." Ho doubt cups they use substandard products, he thought about the complaint, but neither the production date on the cups, there is no Make the site, or to report you want to speak of rights. Taiyuan Bureau of Quality Supervision staff members made it clear that the use of paper cups Ho indeed substandard products, "according to state regulations, cups must have QS quality certification mark. If not, it must be substandard products."
?????So, what is it qualified the cup?
?????According to the introduction of Quality Supervision staff, recyclers network correspondent to the provincial capital of US special good, Hualian, several large supermarkets. On the shelves of disposable cups, the reporter found that all the cups are marked with QS logo products, and paper cup manufacturer name, address, expiration date and other information are also complete specification, legible. Judging from the textures, feel hard, uniform thickness, not deformed. Subsequently, the reporter went to the provincial capital of several small commodity wholesale market. Several cups in the sales pitch, marked and not marked QS logo disposable cups mixed together, the price is uneven. A stall told reporters that the majority of consumers are purchasing units, and therefore not particularly care there QS logo.
?????"Many units will be customized, printed on the name of their own units. In fact, this custom cups more insecure!" One merchant told reporters, due to less number of custom paper cups, many small businesses in the manufacture, so In the paper and print quality, the problems may be more.
?????Under the guidance of the businesses, the reporter linked to the provincial capital of several businesses specializing in custom cups. Near Jiancaoping Small Commodity Market, the reporter found a cup Hubei agent Fengjing Li, "all kinds of paper cups, milk cups, tea cups, thirty thousand from India, one week delivery." Fengjing Li told reporters that since last year, cups market slide all the way, many agents are turning to professional production of paper cups and paper cups custom units. "Originally Shanxi there are several companies are doing, many went out of business last year, some are barely, but most of the old technology, a lot of printing complex cups can not do it." Fengjing Li told this reporter.
?????Reporter survey found that in the provincial capital to do custom cups, mostly in Zhejiang, Hubei, Hebei, Henan and other provinces of the manufacturers, some enterprises in Shanxi to attract customers in the form of online advertising, some simply set up a proxy points in Shanxi, the nearest market development. An industry source told reporters, custom cups market is mixed, because most of them just in the form of wholesale sales, basically does not enter the retail market, so there will be a lot of fake and shoddy cups full of them.
????In order to understand the production process of paper cups, reporter multi-link, the need for large bulk purchases lied, and finally there is a company called Shijiazhuang Paper Factory Kangrong consent visit. March 6, the reporter went to Shijiazhuang, Hebei Gaocheng county belongs, making inquiries but could not find Kangrong paper cups factory. Helpless, the reporter called the Paper Factory of the phone, "easy to find our place, you afternoon Gaocheng station, we pick you up." 16 pm the same day, after a few identity verification, the reporter saw Kangrong cups Plant Manager Xu responsible. Manager Xu led the reporters after the Gaocheng County all the way south to reach the outskirts of a remote village, where he pointed to a small courtyard farmhouse that companies here. In this family did not have any signs of small paper cups factory yard, the reporter saw more than twenty square meters of homes have been packaged in paper cups placed in what room, have a cup of processing equipment, workers are operating , after cutting scraps of paper off the floor, cluttered room.
????"Do cups so simple?" The reporter's question, Mr. Hsu said cups produced mainly die and molding, die-cutting is to cut the fan has printed coated paper, used to make paper cups; molding is the fan module After into the machine, the machine automatically put paper cups molding process. After working out of paper cups, paper cups from workers to operate the machines need to win, bagging one by one. Mr. Hsu told reporters that a bag 100, a box can hold 2000. "These do not need to disinfect it?" In response, Mr. Hsu said that the paper is coated paper, high-temperature process by stereotypes, "Even if the high-temperature sterilization." "The cup quality is no problem, right?" The reporter asked again questioned, Mr. Hsu said that it will carefully watch the cup there is no exposed at the end there are no stains or surface production, "does not appear dirty cup." Mr. Hsu said.
????Reporter then visited several paper cups factory, the source of the paper, business executives are tight-lipped. But a local taxi driver told reporters, many Gaocheng small enterprises, many small printing and paper mills are nearby. After that, contact the reporter call to the person in charge of several local printers, as long as the other party that provides a template, you can give printing. When a reporter asked if there was green ink, the majority of enterprises that do not need additional purchase.
????Recyclers Network prompt consumers, the use of disposable paper cups to drink water, it is best not to drink the first cup of water!
????Professor Li Guifeng Food Science and Engineering, Shanxi Normal University, told reporters in the paper production process, it may be used plasticizers, toughening agents, curing agents, initiators, accelerators, antioxidants, flame retardants and other , and related adhesives, inks, paints and other additives. Some cups manufacturers to reduce costs, will use recycled waste paper for the production, in order to increase the weight of paper cups, they also tend to add some industrial waste in calcium carbonate, talc, and these substances contain more heavy metals, harmful to human health. Meanwhile, the production of paper cups with paper looks more black, and some manufacturers also use bleach liquid bleach. Professor Li Guifeng said, in order to make paper cups to waterproof effect, manufacturers will be in the inner wall coated polyethylene film, but if the choice of material is not good, or processing technology, however, this layer of film will produce harmful compounds.
????Dong Jinshi suggested disposable cups can not to do, in addition to quality issues, from the conservation of resources, environmental protection perspective, it should be used sparingly or not. The purchase of disposable cups, in addition to look for the QS logo, the best, "a smell two touch three to see" if it smells pungent smell, or feel touched the cup is soft, or against the light impurities best not to buy. When the use of disposable cups, the first glass of water is best not to drink, grab Shuitang look over forty-five minutes after the water drained, make a paper cup full of harmful volatile substances.

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