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It should be noted cups before packing our possession hidden for later[2015-08-19]

Due to convenient and practical disposable cups, now, it has become in many homes and businesses to entertain guests common drinkware, but most people will be free to buy, and sometimes you will find some disposable cups leaking, smell and so on. Paper cups, the price difference between the different brands are also high. Supermarket, 50 70 ml disposable cups filled with prices from 7 yuan to 14 yuan per month. In Small Commodity Wholesale City shop, the lowest price 50 70 ml loaded only 3 yuan, but also because of the low price, this is very good selling disposable cups.
It is understood that the new national standard for disposable cups cups raw materials, additives, products, packaging, printing and other proposed above industry standards. Which states that no fluorescent whitening agent, shall not use recycled materials production of raw materials; "cup from the cup body 15 mm, bottom of the cup from the cup body should not print within 10 mm", to avoid the use of a consumer eating a cup of cup packaging printing inks, paper cups used to improve security. In addition, the new national standard also requires cups should not have smell, bottom and sides should not be leaking water seepage.
According to some scientific experiment results, before the use of disposable cups, the first glass of water is best not to drink, first scalded with boiling water, over forty-five minutes after the water drained, this paper cup full of harmful volatile substances. Nutritional Association vice president Zhou Kaiwen said that in order cups and beautiful, some of the manufacturers will be printed on the paper cups some pattern or information, such as benzene or toluene ink contains toxic solvents, have a certain impact on human white blood cells, which may lead to leukemia.
And for the protection of public health, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, Yantai City Health Authority experts reminded the public to buy disposable cups, disposable cups to check the packaging is tight, choose Beibi thick stiff paper cups, cold drinks and choose according to need cups and hot cups.
Optional on disposable cups and packaging of information is essential to understand.
First, look at the label on hygiene license number: When in accordance with relevant state regulations, disposable cups should first obtain the provincial or municipal health administrative department issued health permits before engaging in production, so marked on the label of health format should be :( license number of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities for short) Xiao Wei card characters (issuing Year) No. XXXX.
Second, look at the production date marked: disposable cups belong disinfection products, there is a shelf life of (mostly two years). Can actually sell many products not mark the production date, some marked is hard to see, when consumers buy be sure to check whether the product is clearly marked with the date of manufacture.
Third, look at the packaging is tight: the inspection found that many cups of packaging sealing tape is just a simple stick, consumers will be able to easily open, that the health situation of this cup would be difficult to guarantee.
Fourth, look at the appearance: Do not think that the more white color more health, and some paper cups manufacturers to make glass look more white, the paper added fluorescent brighteners, once these substances enter the body, harmful to health.
Fifth, by hand: use Beibi thick stiff paper cups, cup body stiffness bad pinch up very soft cups, poured into water or drinks, when it will end badly disfigured affect use. When selecting paper cups, you can hand lightly on both sides of the squeeze cup, generally know good or bad cup body stiffness. Sixth, according to use judgment: disposable cups daily use cold drink cups and hot cups into two categories, according to different divided into wax coating material, coating, lamination three. Usually there is a layer of cold food cup surface with wax, at 0 ℃ -5 ℃, the wax is very stable and safe, but as long as the water temperature exceeds 62 ℃, the wax will melt, water is not suitable for tea; the hot cups surface paste is a layer of special film, not only heat resistance, but also at a high temperature soak drinks also non-toxic and harmless. Health Authority staff recommended that people buy a distinction, in order to make the right choice for your application.

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