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pet cup factory bluntly lid market will continue to be the main material[2016-01-11]

The next few years PET / PP / PS plastic lid market will continue to be the most popular material, and an increase of 4.0% per year. Plastic lid is expected in 2018 the United States $ 10 billion market value is expected to exceed the mark, to $ 11.1 billion.
Future demand growth areas will be pushing plastic container lid market trends the main driving force. In recent years, child-resistant containers and disposable plastic packaging box market has been sought after, and selling these containers directly contributing to the market's demand for plastic lid. At the same time, the research agency believes that some non-cover packaging products such as aluminum cans, blister packing, etc. The emergence of plastic lid will restrict the rapid development of the industry.

It reported that the next few years, major restaurants and retail stores will become the two major end-use markets plastic lid. Because these two areas are intensive areas beverage sales.

Market analysts pointed out that in addition to traditional carbonated soft drinks, the plastic lid in yogurt, instant coffee, tea and other specialty drinks are increasingly expanding range of applications. In the beverage market caps, plastic proportion increased year by year, and to displace the metal material. Data show that in 2013 accounted for 49% of the plastic lid, metal lids occupy 48%. 2017 plastic lid is expected to reach 52% market share.

In terms of materials, the next few years, mainly in the thermoplastic resin as a main lid. Among them, the use of PET lids and PP lids amount will exceed PS. Geographical terms, the 2014 - 2018 period PET, PP plastic lid fastest growing country will be India and China, followed by Indonesia, Russia, Brazil and Mexico.

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