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Australia will produce PET cups in China[2016-01-12]

Since January 2012, is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia Single Serve Packaging Pty.Ltd. The company has Australia, Japan and Singapore customers disposable PET cups sold 350,000 LupéWines brands.

Now 26-year-old Australian businesswoman Georgia Beattie in November 2011 set up a company, it has been to look aimed at the Chinese market. She plans to establish ties with China, a winemaker and began production of disposable PET wine in China in the next 12-24 months. She said: "China is our most important market, but we first have to do the 'warm-up' ready."

PET cup (wine cup)

Beattie is the initiation of product innovation during 2009 to participate in a festival activities. At that time, a bar manager says, "held in outdoor activities too inconvenient" and therefore can not provide wine for guests. She realized the limitations of traditional wine packaging exists.
Shortly thereafter, Beattie saw a BBC television program, British entrepreneur James Nash in the program also mentioned the same idea. So she quickly flew to London to meet with Nash. Nash is the head of the British headquarters in Surrey Wine Innovations Ltd. company. At that time he has developed in the United Kingdom a disposable PET glasses, and dubbed Italian Job and Le Froglet brand name sales.
Beattie bought these glasses production, packaging and distribution rights in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. "It allowed me to come into contact with [Nash] spent seven years to develop molds and technology achievements, he has been associated.." She added:. "We bought a machine from Wine Innovations Company transported to the other side of the machine Our factory in Melbourne, and install it. "
Beattie made wine retail business using her father Brendon Beattie industry in relation to the purchase of wine. "We selected the like, but also the most suitable wine to match disposable glass. We hope to spend a good wine to promote this packaging to prove that this concept is not just fancy gimmicks."
Lupé Wines grape varieties including Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.
Lupé Wines sold in major retail stores, hotel mini-bar, upscale fast-food stores, catering companies, theaters, festivals and outdoor activities in the occasion. Beattie said: "We are a major supplier of outdoor activities and festivals around Australia."
These PET cup is produced in special factories SingleServe and filling. "Our factory from the middle into two, one side of the injection area, bottling line and warehouse on the other side. This enables us to produce according to the requirements and closely monitor the quality of products. In addition, we also can require glasses customized color or size. "
Beattie said, SingleServe from the end of 2011 the company began to export markets in Japan and Singapore by the cup the PET packaging Lupé Wines, and later began selling in Australia. "Japanese consumers are more receptive to new packaging innovation, willing to try new concepts .Beattie now with Singapore F1 racing organizers were in talks.
Beattie said that these patented disposable glasses will soon launch in the US and South American markets, but will be replaced with a new brand. Nash has put this patented technology sold to other buyers.
The first phase of Single Serve the strategy is introduced to the Australian and Asian markets such disposable PET cup concept.
Beattie said that the second phase will PET bottling wine glasses. "We are currently packaging company for the Rosemount Wines trial. In July, we filled the Wingara of Deakin Estate, which is mainly sold in Singapore."
Single Serve company with annual sales of about 100 million Australian dollars.

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