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Yamat point out that we should care of the blister[2016-01-20]

1: mold production and processing: Upon request or sample size, first make a good plastic mold, under normal conditions, it is the use of plastic packaging production of plaster molds, but also useful for wood carving and metal engraving of products for mold, plaster mold making good After, let it dry naturally or dry completely, then according to the specific circumstances of concave surface of the product, with 1-2 mm drill spent on product packaging does not affect the appearance of low-pocket drill many holes, if the packaging of products , had to drill several holes around the edge, so that when the plastic production, can air out, after the die-drilled, had the plaster mold hardening process, hardening treatment is with concentrated alum saturated liquid immersion After dry. 

2: Die drying process was complete, the mold is mounted on the upper iron vacuum chamber, and then the die size, the plastic sheet carrying a suitable size, and then put a sheet over this heated lockers so completely fixed, then the lockers along with the plastic sheet set thermostatic oven softened.

3: Good plastic sheet softened along with lockers, placed in a vacuum chamber, inhale start switch, the vacuum cleaner sucking indoor air, to be a plastic sheet to cool, to obtain the same mold concave mold package or process.

4: plastic packaging finishing; the products produced trimmed finishing product is finished, then you can sell after packaging.

Yamat  after years of technology research and development, now has a group engaged in mold design, plastic molding, die cutting, folding, high frequency sealing and other professional teams. From a product development and design, mold making, production and integration of production and marketing. The company has advanced high-speed automatic plastic molding machines, automatic whole plate punching machines, automatic Flap machines, high frequency machine and other ancillary equipment. To produce PS, PET, PP, PVC flocking, and other materials, a variety of grades and specifications of high-precision plastic products are widely used in toys, hardware, electronics, optoelectronics, medicine, food and other packaging.

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