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Disposable pp plastic bubble tea roduction process

            Feiyang Packing Products Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of disposable plastic bubble tea, injection cup, pet cup and paper cup. I believe many of our customers have came to our factory know and how to do plastic cup, although we usually are commonly used plastic cups,some old customers or new customers do not know the plastic cup production process, in order to solve customer questions ,we introduce disposable pp plastic bubble tea cup production process simply.

            First, purchase the pp raw materials.
           Second, the plastic cup of raw materials required to pull into a piece of the specifications.
           Third, began to produce a disposable transparent cup by a cup machine . As the pp plastic bubble tea cup is an instant high-pressure molding machine through the cup, so this process is not a very long time to spend. Figure:
           Fourth, oncethe disposable transparent plastic cup production done, if customers need to print logo, can be directly into the next process. Feiyang Packing Products Co., Ltd. plastic cups can be printed 6 colors, to meet customer higher requirements.
           Fifth, the cup  through a fully automatic baler packaging, then pakage the product into the box.

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