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98mm PET cups dome lids
Article Code: FY 98mm 
Product Name: PET Plastic Dome Lids
Size(mm): Φ93/98
Packing Volume: 50pcsX20bags=1000pcs
Packing Vol/pcs(m3): 0.048
HS Code: 3923500000
BPA Free
This item is able to be recycled undersome recycling programs. This item is free of the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) and is safe for food contact.
From brightly colored slushies and delicious fruit smoothies to creamy milkshakes and a variety of other cold drinks, this clear plastic dome lid is the perfect way to top off your frozen beverages. A must-have addition to any kiosk, concession stand, fast-food restaurant, or to-go establishment, you can't go wrong with this Choice clear plastic dome lid.
High Dome Design   Tight-Fitting Seal
The lid's high dome design allows greater capacity for thirst-quenching slushies, smoothies, and more.   Providing a secure, snug fit, this lid helps prevent customers' beverages from leaking outof the cup.
High Dome Design High Dome Design Wide Top Opening
Fitting many cup sizes, this versatile lid helps reduce your lid inventory while taking the guesswork out of lid /cup compatibility! A crystal-clear plastic construction provides superior clarity and gives this disposable lid a pristine appearance.
The wide hole atop this lid accommodates a variety of straws and mixing devices for convenient beverage enjoyment.
PET Plastic Cups Dimensions
Item No.
Top Diameter
9301 12oz 93mm 107mm 50×20 48×39×43.5cm
9804 14oz 98mm 103mm 50×20 42.5×40.5×50cm
9802 16oz 98mm 121mm 50×20 50.5×40.5×46cm
9806 16oz 98mm 125mm 50×20 50.5×40.5×49cm
9801 20oz 98mm 142mm 50×20 50.5×40.5×53.5cm
9805 24oz 98mm 150mm 50×20 50.5×40.5×53.5cm


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