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90-500 16oz PP Cup
Product name:
Product size:
Cup color:
transparent(white can be customed)
Carton size:
Packing Vol(m3):
0.1 CBM
Carton amount:
Carton specification:
Cup'rim design:
with flat lids/dome lids/sealing film
BPA Free
This item is able to be recycled undersome recycling programs. This item is free of the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) and is safe for food contact.
China Shantou FeiYang Packing Products Factory's PP plastic cups and lids are one of the most popular solutions for any beverage product. Translucent in color, PP plastic (polypropylene, Resin Identification Code 5) is light-weight, durable, oil- and chemical-resistant, shatter-proof, and eco-friendly. Truly a versatile solution all around, our FeiYang PP plastic cups are available in many sizes and applications from cups, lids, and PP seals to quickly and efficiently serving your delicious creations. PP cups are most commonly used for cold beverages such as iced teas, iced lattes, fountain sodas, slush, and more.

Durable Construction

Perfect workmanship, the cup above the use of advanced technology coupled with rib, more 99% can guarantee the mouth mellow mouth smooth mouth, do not worry will cut the mouth, easy to drink and supporting the use of the lid

Advanced printing technology Available Custom Print Excellent Product Visibility
The use of advanced six-color printing press, writing clear, exquisite designs, tasteless security non-toxic, for customers to create unlimited brand promotion we are not only offering OEM ODM sevice,but also we can customize the trademark logo,Our products are certified with the international certification , such as SGS ,FDA etc,ensuring the absolute safety for customers' use . The crystal-clear plastic construction gives this disposable drinkware an upscale appearance and helps boost impulse sales for all of your thirst-quenching beverages.
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